About Us

Woman wearing aqua, navy and pink burkini by Pretty Sassy Lady

We are an ethical and sustainable slow fashion swimwear
brand for modest gals.

Our Story

Founded from a spark of inspiration girl boss Zainab had on holiday. After moving closer to her faith, Zainab was wearing a kaftan over her swimming costume for modesty. She went for a swim, and her kaftan began floating up and wrapped around her. She got out quickly and thought there must be a better way to do this. Existing modest swimwear styles weren’t design-led or stylish which is why she didn’t own one. So she decided to create her own range of fashionable modest swimwear, and set out to prove modest swimwear doesn’t have to be boring, it can be bold and stylish. Our trends are inspired by the high street, surf style, pop culture, social media and directly from customers.

Throw-Away Swimwear

Zainab felt passionately about sustainability and slow fashion as being green is part of an Islamic way of life. After seeing the amount of throw-away modest swimming costumes available, she wanted to provide an eco-friendly option.  She started this journey as she meant to go on and put ethics and sustainability at the forefront of her swimwear journey.

Italian Eco-Fabrics - 78% Recycled

Swimwear created using the finest Italian eco-friendly fabrics, containing Econyl yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon made from discarded fishing nets and other nylon waste. It can be recycled infinitely. No waste. No new resources.

Our swimwear is light, breathable, stretchy and comfortable. In addition, providing UPF 50+ protection, chlorine-resistant, sun creams and oils resistant and compression fit technology.

Simple, Inclusive Design

Our co-ord set design is simple. A rash vest that can be worn over our swim leggings to allow airflow underneath in hot climates, and for easy access. Tucked into the leggings, creates a full coverage swimsuit, and slim-fit to reduce drag resistance whilst swimming

Our swimwear is inclusive. A fresh take on the burkini. It's for everyone regardless of culture or religious background. As such, we prefer to call our modest swimwear sets, ‘co-ords’, instead of burkinis.

We’re Classy, a Lil Sassy and Selfie-Worthy

Why selfie-worthy? Our styles make gals ooze self-confidence - you’ll feel so comfortable in your own skin, you’ll always be ready for a selfie!