Pretty Sassy Lady Features On Deborah Meaden's The Big Green Money Show

WOW! This really is one of the biggest highlights for Pretty Sassy Lady since our launch a few months ago. Our little modest swimwear brand is making waves!

Described as 'den-ready' by Deborah, hear our girl boss Zainab Jagot Ahmed discuss the business on BBC's 'The Big Green Money Show' hosted by Deborah Meaden and Felicity Hannah, and survive to tell the tale. 

You can hear Zainab discuss Pretty Sassy Lady, the modest swimwear industry and all thing sustainability in the last 10 mins of the show after Primark. Click here, or the image below to head over to BBC Sounds.

Podcast Episode - Can fast fashion be green? With Primark 

The Big Green Money Show with Deborah Meaden - BBC Sounds

What are your thoughts on the podcast?

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