Most Instagrammable Holiday Destinations You'll Want To Pack Your Best Modest Swimsuit For

This year, we travel! A great holiday recharges the batteries, helps us get away from the daily grind and adulting for a while to have some much-needed fun! Relax by the pool, or get active and explore. Either way, holidays can take you to the most breath-taking locations in the world.

With so many instagrammable holiday destinations across the globe, choosing just one can be a tricky task. Let's narrow down the list. We've spoken with two of our favourite femme travel experts who've visited some of the most instagrammable locations across the world.

Here's our cherry-picked list of red-hot summer holiday destinations so instagrammable, you'll want to pack your best modest swimming costume for.

The Travelette, Rehnumah Insan

Traveller, storyteller and photographer - Rehnumah has over 35 countries under her belt and counting. Her Instagram profile (@the_travelette) is jam-packed with the most beautiful Instagram-perfect holiday locations combined with perfectly styled outfits. Here are her top choices for the most instagrammable holiday locations you should check out this summer.

Spain - Mallorca

People at the beach in Spain, Mallorca

Photo credit: @the_travelette

"When we think of holidays one of the first countries that spring to mind is Spain and it’s no surprise therefore that Spain is one of the top destinations to visit during the summer. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing resort holiday in which case head to Mallorca for its fantastic resorts and beaches or if you’re wanting to delve into the culture and history that Spain is famous for (in which case Seville is your best bet) the country provides everything. I personally enjoyed Mallorca during summer. The beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca has become well known for its stunning beaches and resorts. I was also pleasantly surprised when I started discovering remnants of Islamic architecture In Palma’s old town in particular the courtyards and the Arab baths. So if you’re looking for a summer destination for you and your family, Spain is definitely one of the best bets!"


Italy - Positano

The Travelette, Hijabi Traveller in Italy - Positano

Photo credit: @the_travelette

"Imagine Italy in summer. The hustle bustle of tourists, ice cream vendor on every street, fruit juice, cafes opening up their outdoor seating, music playing in squares…Italy is a dream during summer. Of course Rome is the first city that pops into mind when you think of Italy but for me it was the scenic views of the Amalfi Coast that stole my heart, in particular, Positano. Positano is the most popular town on the Amalfi Coast in Italy and a super popular honeymoon destination. The beautiful stairways and alleyways of this ancient fishermen village will take you to a different world altogether. If you’re looking to do a trip to Italy in the summer a tour of the beautiful Positano is a must! I would also recommend a boat trip around Positano, some of the best ones offer their special lemonade on board which goes perfectly with the summer sun. In fact, Amalfi Coast is special for lemons so if you need a break from the heat, pop into any café and ask for a special lemon juice. I would also recommend a quick trip to Capri. Though not technically part of the Amalfi Coast it’s hard to miss the beautiful Capri if you’re in the south of Italy."


Malta - Valletta 

The Travelette, Hijabi Muslim Traveller in Malta - Valletta

Photo credit: @the_travelette

"Malta is known for beautiful weather all year around so if you’re looking for a destination that’s not overly sweltering, Malta is a great place to visit. Made up of the three islands of Malta, Gozo and Comin this beautiful island has become a very popular spot for tourists particularly in summer. Valletta in particular comes to life during this season, it’s narrow alleyways filled with cafés and restaurants. A boat ride around the Blue Lagoon in Malta is a must during summer – think of sailing through emerald waters and ancient caves. As with most destinations Malta can get busy during the summer so if you’re looking to escape the crowd head over to the island of Gozo. Gozo has a peaceful ambiance about it and is a quick 40 minute boat ride from the mainland of Malta."


Greece - Santorini 

The Travelette, Halal Holiday, Hijabi Traveller in Greece - Santorini

Photo credit: @the_travelette

"Greece is a hotspot for summer tourism and for very good reasons. Whether it’s Corfu, Mykonos or Santorini, the Greek islands provide the perfect getaway for couples and families. If you had to pick one place to visit I would recommend the famous Santorini. First things first - Santorini is gorgeous. Those photos on Instagram don’t lie. In fact, I would say Santorini is probably prettier than any photo you’ll have ever seen on social media. As you explore the narrow white streets, you stumble upon breathtaking views of the blue domes and white houses and I still can’t get over the sunsets there. During summer Santorini can be relatively crowded but you are also able to take advantage of all the excursions there which are often closed in other seasons."

Turkey - Antalya 

The Travelette, hijabi solo traveller, halal holiday, blue lagoon in Turkey - Antalya

Photo credit: @the_travelette

"And last but not the least – the amazing Turkey. I think Turkey is quite easily dismissed as being scorching hot during summer, however, if you venture out into Antalya and Cappadocia it’s very different. Antalya was by far one of my favourite summer escapes. Full of natural beauty and scenic views which are very different from Istanbul, Antalya with it’s soothing landscape and beautiful resorts has become famous as a summer destination. Check out the Duden Waterfalls and Kursunlu Nature park for the perfect afternoon in the summer sunshine. I still remember dipping my feet into the cool waters in Kursunlu and discovering the entrance to the waterfall in Duden – such a magnificent sight. During summer these places have several vendors waiting outside selling ice cream, sweetcorn and roasted walnuts amongst other things. I would highly recommend booking a place in Kaleici Old Town which is a tourist attraction in itself and the most beautiful part of Antalya! You can spend the whole day exploring the old town and the harbour!"

Masha Roomie

Another hijabi traveller who knows her stuff. Bright, beautiful outfits compliment every location on her Instagram page (@mash.mie). Here are her top instagrammable locations.

Sri Lanka

Masha Roomie, Hijabi Traveller in Sri Lanka - Halal holiday
Photo credit: @mash.mie

"A door to a paradise island sitting amidst the Indian Ocean. This was a reminiscence of my beautiful country, a place where you can be lost in a fairytale. We have the beaches, mountains, waterfalls all whisked in one magnificent island, Sri Lanka." 



Bird's eye view of Maldives

"Maldives is just a hop away from Sri Lanka!! Which makes me want to go there again and again and again! You have the option of picking a beach villa, which sits on the beach. You can wake up and simply dip your feet in the translucent water with a million shades of blue. As a hijabi it's not easy to get privacy. Most hotels provide a private plunge pool and even a private section at the beach just for you!! If you wanna escape to a honeymoon, then this slice of paradise will be it."


Scotland - Isle of Skye

Masha Roomie, hijabi traveller in Scotland - Isle of Skye at Mealt Falls
Photo credit: @mash.mie

"The beauty of taking long drives around the country is that, you would be amazed at the surprises that nature throws at you. Mealt Falls was one such stop while driving to up North in Scotland to Isle of Skye.
It was the first time I looked down from top of a waterfall and all I captured was pure bliss!!"

That concludes our top instagrammable locations for the summer. 
Scotland may not be your typical hot, tropical swim spot like the others, but the Isle of Skye has something else to offer... magical fairy pools. If you fancy a cool outdoor swim, this is the perfect instagrammable spot for you.   

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Where will you be heading this summer?

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