Easy Guide: How to Shop Our Modest Swimwear for Your Perfect Fit

Designed for women who want more than a paddle on the beach, our sustainable modest swimwear is sporty, slim, and lightweight. UPF 50+ sun protection, chlorine resistant and quick-dry making it perfect for beach lounging and outdoor activity.

That said, all women have their own perfect fit, and we want you to feel comfortable and confident in your swimwear. Designed by women, for women, our swimwear should fit around you, and not the other way around. Here’s our guide on how to shop our swimwear to get your perfect swim fit.

Tailor Your Fit - Shopping by Body Shape

Our bestsellers are our modest swimwear co-ord sets, but if your perfect fit involves buying a different size for your top and for your bottom, then the co-ord sets might not be the best fit for your body shape. We sell our swimwear separately (as well as in sets), you so can mix and match to get your perfect fit. Here are our recommendations on how best to shop our swimwear for your body shape:


Rectangle Shape – Best Fit: Swim Co-ords

Equal bust, waist and hips… our swim co-ord sets will do the job.


Rectangle Body Shape

Apple Shape – Best Fit: Purchase Separately

Larger bust with narrow hips… Buy the rash vest and swim and gym leggings separately in your regular sizes.


Apple body shape

Oval Shape – Best Fit: Swim Co-ords

Broader shoulders, curvy waist and proportional hips… Suitable for purchasing our swim co-ord sets.


Oval body shape

Hourglass Shape – Best Fit: Swim Co-ords

Hips and bust are equal size with a narrow waist… suitable for purchasing our swim co-ord sets.


Hourglass body shape

Pear Shape – Best Fit: Purchase Separately

Smaller on top with curvy hips… buy the rash vest and swim and gym leggings separately in your regular sizes.


Pear body shape

Things to bear in mind…

Our sizes spans across two sizes e.g., M – UK 10/12. If you are a size UK 10 on top, and size UK 12 on the bottom (or vice versa), our size M swim co-ord will work for you. If you are a little curvier e.g. UK 10 on top and UK 14 on the bottom, then the swimwear will fit best when purchased separately.

Tailor Your Fit - Purchase For A Looser Fit

If you prefer a roomier fit, you can simply purchase our swimwear garments separately as mentioned. Buy a rash vest one size bigger than your usual size but purchase the swim leggings in your normal size so they are not too loose. A roomier top is great, but loose leggings – not so much.

As an example, if you are a size 10, a size M (UK - 10/12) rash vest will be fine as it’s already bigger to accommodate a size 12. If you are a size 12 and would prefer a looser fit, we recommend buying one size bigger (size L – UK 14/16).

Black, light blue and navy long sleeve rash vests/ rash guards for women with pops of pink

Feel free to take a look at our size chart and measuring guide too. If you have any further queries regarding fits, please get in touch with us hello@prettysassylady.com 

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