13 Best Hot and Snowy Winter Holiday Destinations

Winter is around the corner, and we’ve been pondering over our next holiday destination. Some like it hot, others like it cold. Whatever your preference we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re looking for some sizzling winter sun, or gorgeous winter wonderlands, read on for the ultimate winter travel list from our favourite femme Muslim travel experts and bloggers.

The Travelette

The Travelette

Photo credit: @the_travelette

Rehnumah Insan, is a UK-based lawyer by profession, and traveller by passion. Known as The Travelette, she is one of our favourite Hijabi travel bloggers. Rehnumah has journeyed to a whole host of stunning locations taking incredible photographs along the way – you can see them all on her gram. Locations include Popeye’s Village in Malta, Venice, Morocco, Greece and more. At 35+ countries under her belt, she’s extremely well-travelled and has plenty more places to visit. Here are her top 3 winter travel destinations.


The Travelette, Norway - Winter Travel Destination

Photo credit: @the_travelette

“Norway, a country consistently Top 10 on the list of the World’s Happiest countries, is well known for it's mountains beautiful both in the winter and summer. However, I fell in love with the winter view in Flam. 

Flåm is a village in southwestern Norway, in an area known for its fjords and stunning mountain views. When I landed in Bergen I was slightly upset because there was hardly any snow - and then we went to Flam which made up for everything! I highly recommend taking the Flam Railway and a cruise along the snowy fjords and snow topped mountains for the best winter experience.”


The Travelette - Finland. Winter Travel Destination

Photo credit: @the_travelette

“Helsinki is a perfect destination for a snowy city break as it offers a combination of nature, history and art in a metropolitan city. Because it is such a small city you can definitely see it within 24-48 hours (I’m going to admit I spent a lot of time in Cafés drinking hot chocolate and Finnish Coffee). Take a ferry ride through the icy lakes to Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, an UNESCO world heritage site and a giant maritime fortress spread across seven islands. The entire island is dotted with pink and yellow houses and nestled amongst the snow they looked like little cupcakes!”


The Travelette - Austria, Winter Travel Destinations

Photo credit: @the_travelette

“And last but not the least....Hallstatt Austria's very own winter wonderland was one of my favourite winter escapes. Hallstatt is a beautiful lakeside village in Austria that has recently become popular due to it’s beautiful mountain views, colourful timbered houses, cobbled streets and a lake that actually sparkles in winter. The place looks like a Christmas toy town in Winter.” 



Hope Journeys - Tower Bridge, London. Winter Travel Destination.
Photo credit: @hopejourneys_


hopejourneys_ is a whimsical, travel page on Instagram run by UK travel blogger Amal. Her Disney Princess travel series is a must-see! You can find it in her story highlights. Amal’s on a mission to explore the world and combines her posts with some super-cute modest styling that we absolutely love. With her travel adventures well underway, here are her top destinations to visit this winter:


Hope Journeys - Paris, France. Winter Travel Destination.

Photo credit: @hopejourneys_

“This is my personal top destination! It has a certain type of magic during Winter, it’s a lot quieter than the rest of the year, so feels more authentic. Be prepared for it to be cold and maybe even rainy, but for me it just makes everything glitter, and gives you an opportunity wrap up and indulge in the most decadent hot chocolates especially at Angelina.”

Saudi Arabia

Hope Journeys - Saudi Arabia, Umrah. Winter Travel Destination. Winter Sun.

Photo credit: @hopejourneys_

“Perfect weather. Not too warm and not too cold. Ideal time if you want to do Umrah. You can also venture into the desert and even explore the bedouin life and stay in a tent, sipping on Arabic coffee. There you’ll meet some of the most welcoming and hospitable people.”


Hope Journeys - London Winter Wonderland, United Kingdom. Winter Travel Destination.

Photo credit: @hopejourneys_

“There’s never a bad time to visit, but it’s most famous for its yearly Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park! It’s a must for the Christmas markets, pretty lights and just a warm, happy vibe!” 


Hope Journeys - Ireland. Winter Travel Destination.

Photo credit: @hopejourneys_

“Nothing says warm and cozy quite like Ireland, from the plenty of food places to sit and enjoy to the people! You definitely won’t run out of options.”


The MWTG (The Muslim Women Travel Group)

The MWTGPhoto credit: Sadia Ramzan

Without a doubt one of our favourite Facebook travel groups and Instagram pages run by the lovely Sadia Ramzan. Sadia set up the MWTG travel group back in 2015 after experiencing solo travelling for 7 years. Wanting to share her travel experiences, she set up the travel group. Now the group is a friendly community of over 9,500 fun-loving ladies who love to travel and seek advice from other fellow travellers. The MWTG promotes new friendships, and strong bonds amongst a travelling sisterhood open to women from all walks of life and beliefs. Here are Sadia’s top 3 winter destinations:


Switzerland - Winter Travel Destination.

Photo credit: Andreas M

“For its Alpine scenery, opportunities to reconnect with nature and my joy for rail travel.

The best way to see and move around Switzerland is by rail. 

Flights from London are often super cheap. Switzerland itself isn’t the cheapest place to visit but you can often get free tram passes as most hotels do this and for me trains are part of the highlight. Most railways travel along one of the many scenic routes which cross this beautiful country, passing snow-capped mountains and shimmering lakes. Switzerland's rail network is easy to use and totally reliable, enabling you to plan a two or multi centre trip with confidence. I often use Switzerland as my base and travel into Italy or Germany by rail.”


Scotland, Highlands - Winter Travel Destination.

Photo credit: @lobostudiohamburg

“Scotland was on and off home for me growing up. I spent many school summer and winter holidays here with family when we were not living in Scotland.

Scotland is a great place to visit to get a real winter experience in the UK. There is always guaranteed snow in the highlands and like Switzerland, its beautiful. I love the outdoors, the crisp cold air and visiting castle and lochs.

I prefer to travel around Scotland by car and would recommend Scotland’s NC500 costal rote. Its amongst one of the best in the world and with scenic routes, castles, and cosy lodges to stay with real fires, but the highlight for me is always the constellations at night. I have never managed to catch the northern lights from highlands, but it is possible on a clear night.  Being a Londoner we don’t have the privilege of seeing a starry night.”

Granada, Spain

Granada, Spain - Winter Travel Destination. Winter Sun.

Photo credit: Victoriano Izquierdo

“It’s always sunny in Spain, even in December. Although temperatures can drop, I still love visiting Granada as it’s within easy reach of the UK. It’s safe and easy to drive through and I always love coming back to see the beautiful Islamic history and architecture. I have not visited Spain since the pandemic and my last visit was in February 2020 but I long to return. It’s cheap, cheerful and no visit is the same as there is so much to do and see and eat!

I like that you can get around by car easily and often stay in Malaga first, then drive to Granada, Seville and Cordoba as they are within close driving distance. I love seeing the old towns, narrow winding streets and small houses.  Spain is my local go to when I need to get out of London for a bit of winter sun."

You can speak directly with Sadia about booking tours either through the MWTG website, Instagram or Facebook.

Pretty Sassy Lady

And finally, here are our top 3 winter sun destinations. You’ll need to get your burkini’s out for these:


Dubai, Burg Al Arab - Winter Sun. Winter Travel Destination.

Pretty much season less so you’re guaranteed hot weather year-round. A lavish city nestled amongst the United Arab Emirates where you can do the unusual. Sun-bathe on the beach or go skiing on an indoor ski slope. Fancy some shopping? Or eat in an immersive under-ocean fine dining restaurant. Unique experiences, from a unique city.


Thailand - Winter Travel Destination

Photo credit: @sumit_ac

One of THE best beach destinations in the world. Thailand boasts a tropical climate and paradise soft white sandy beaches. The landscape of dreams, Thailand is a must-visit destination during the winter months as the heat is less extreme. Guaranteed Insta-worthy photos here.  


Pretty Sassy Lady Navy Burkini - Winter Travel Destination. Winter Sun.

Photo credit: Pretty Sassy Lady/ @rumanamin

Located in the Indian Ocean, this picturesque Island is a little piece of paradise where you can truly unwind and disconnect from everyday life. Beautiful sandy beaches, warm climate, and a popular honeymoon destination. Drink from a coconut, eat, sleep, relax and repeat. That is all.


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Where will you be heading this winter? Let us know in the comments below.

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