10 On-Trend Ways To Style A Burkini (Includes Hijab)

Summer might be over, but more countries have been added to the green travel list. Whether you’re travelling later this year, or next year, here’s the ultimate guide on how to style your Pretty Sassy Lady burkini to keep it looking cute and selfie-worthy!

Hats, Hats, Hats!

Complete your burkini style with a hat. With so many hat styles to choose from this trend shouldn’t be ignored. Hats are uber cool and way easier (and quicker), to throw on instead of having to style your hair every morning before heading to the beach. Great for covering up that Monica style hair frizz too. 

Monica Friends Frizzy Hair


Here are our fave hat looks that go perfectly with our modest swimwear co-ord sets.

1. The Oversized Hat

A beach look isn't complete without the glam of an oversized hat. Team with your fave Pretty Sassy Lady burkini and throw yourself some serious shade. We're obsessed with this super-glam look.

 10 On Trend Ways To Style Your Burkini: The Oversized Hat

2. The Trucker Cap

Bring a vintage ‘Stranger Things’ 80s street vibe to your burkini swimsuit with a bright colour contrast trucker cap. Or style it sporty by pairing your swimsuit with a simple baseball cap.

10 On Trend Ways To Style Your Burkini: The Trucker Cap

3. The Fedora or Trilby

Amp up your style with a Fedora or Trilby hat to bring some hipster cool vibes to your Pretty Sassy Lady swimwear. Yes babe! We love this look.

10 On Trend Ways To Style Your Burkini: The Fedora Hat or Trilby Hat


4. The Straw Hat

Nothing says vacay vibes quite like a summer straw hat. Designed to protect your head from the sun, this hat is a classic and should be part of any summer vacation wardrobe.

10 On Trend Ways To Style Your Burkini: The Straw Hat

Hijab Style

We’re loving the current hijab trends hitting the streets at the mo. Whether you love a traditional hijab style, or rock an urban street look, your hijab style will SLAY teamed with our burkini swimsuits.


5. The Iconic Hijab and Oversized Hat Look

1950s Hollywood glamour! We’re getting serious Audrey Hepburn vibes with this scarf and oversized hat combo. Whether you wear a hijab or a head scarf, both look super-sleek with our swimwear co-ord sets (burkinis), and are practical for keeping the scorching sun off your head.

10 On Trend Ways To Style Your Burkini: The Hijab and Oversized Hat


6. The Hijab and Baseball Cap Look

Get game ready with this sporty hijab and baseball cap trend. For those who enjoy working out on the beach or in the resort gym, our burkini’s double up as modest activewear, so work out in your swimwear before taking a dip in the pool. Or Sporty might just be your look, in which case, carry on…

 10 On Trend Ways To Style Your Burkini: The Gold Hijab and Black Baseball Cap

7. The Hijab and Bandana

Obsessed with this trend! Take our aqua Pretty Sassy Lady burkini to the next level with a chic urban look by layering scarves – a green hijab and pink bandana. If you’re layering scarves, make sure your hijabs are breathable – georgette, cotton, and linen all work well.

 10 On Trend Ways To Style Your Burkini: The Pink Bandana and Green Hijab


We’ve discussed head gear but can’t forget eye wear. Make a statement with quirky on-trend glam sunglasses or choose sunglasses with a more timeless look like Aviators.  Practical for eye protection and for making a statement.


8. The Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Glamourous outer edges and available in stunning bright vibrant colours, cat-eye sunglasses radiate a retro cool vibe. This style suits most face shapes, but particularly flattering on square, triangular and round faces. We’re loving a white pair teamed with our navy swimwear co-ord set.

 10 On Trend Ways To Style Your Burkini: The Cat-Eye Sunglasses

9. The Hexagon Sunglasses

Another retro vibe we’re loving – geometric sunglasses. Add definition to an oval or round face shape with a pair of ultra-flattering Hexagon sunglasses. Perfect for a cool, contemporary vibe.

10 On Trend Ways To Style Your Burkini: The Hexagon Sunglasses


One or two key pieces of jewellery is all you need to give your Pretty Sassy Lady Swimwear your own unique twist. Our favourite go-to – earrings!


10. The Gold Hooped Earrings

All you need is gold hoops to make a statement! Gold hooped earrings are versatile enough to go with any of our Pretty Sassy Lady swimwear. Small, medium or large – any size works. In our opinion, bigger and chunkier is better!

10 On Trend Ways To Style Your Burkini: The Gold Hoop Earrings

All our modest swimwear co-ord sets (burkinis) are available to buy now from our online boutique.

How do you style your burkini? Let us know in the comments below.

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