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  • Easy Guide: How to Shop Our Modest Swimwear for Your Perfect Fit

    Designed for women who want more than a paddle on the beach, our sustainable modest swimwear is sporty, slim, and lightweight. UPF 50+ sun protection, chlorine resistant and quick-dry making it perfect for beach lounging and outdoor activity. Find your perfect fit here by preference and body shape.
  • Most Instagrammable Holiday Destinations You'll Want To Pack Your Best Modest Swimsuit For

    With so many instagrammable holiday destinations across the globe, choosing just one can be a tricky task. We've spoken with two of our favourite femme travel experts to help narrow down the list. Here's our cherry-picked list of red-hot summer holiday destinations so instagrammable, you'll want to pack your best modest swim fit for.

  • Pretty Sassy Lady Features On Deborah Meaden's The Big Green Money Show

    WOW! This really is one of the biggest highlights for Pretty Sassy Lady since our launch a few months ago. Our little modest swimwear brand is making waves! Described as 'den-ready' by Deborah, hear our girl boss Zainab Jagot Ahmed discuss the business on BBC's 'The Big Green Money Show' hosted by Deborah Meaden and Felicity Hannah, and survive to tell the tale. 

  • Wild Swimming: Expert Advice From Ella Foote - Dip Advisor

    If you've been thinking about taking the plunge into open water swimming, we've got some great advice from the best in the biz - Ella Foote. Ella is the founder of Dip Advisor, is a swimming journalist, Editor at Outdoor Swimmer magazine, swim teacher, open water coach and year-round outdoor swimmer. 
  • 13 Best Hot and Snowy Winter Holiday Destinations

    Winter is around the corner, and we’ve been pondering over our next holiday destination. Some like it hot, others like it cold. Whatever your preference we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re looking for some sizzling winter sun, or gorgeous winter wonderlands, read on for the ultimate winter travel list from our favourite femme Muslim travel experts and bloggers.
  • 10 On-Trend Ways To Style A Burkini (Includes Hijab)

    Summer might be over, but more countries have been added to the green travel list. Whether you’re travelling later this year, or next year, here’s the ultimate guide on how to style your Pretty Sassy Lady burkini to keep it looking cute and selfie-worthy!
  • The New Sustainable Burkini Brand on The Block

    The burkini! It’s been around for some time and has always served a functional purpose – to keep a lady looking modest on the beach, in a hot tub, or even at a local swimming pool. These days, ladies are wanting more than just a functional modest swimming costume. It needs to be cute too! Fun and cute aren’t typically words that come to mind when thinking of modest swimwear or burkinis, until now…